nature workshops

insights into traditional and modern knowledge

The following offers are aimed at closed groups and imparted by experienced guides. Procedure, duration, and guiding style can be adapted to the needs of your group:

  • businesses
  • birthdays and other private celebrations
  • seniors
  • inclusion of people with special needs

Transfer from an accessible meeting point in Vienna will be arranged whenever possible.

There are no flat, paved roads in nature. Even official hiking trails will occasionally be impeded by fallen trees, slippery rocks and roots, as well as puddles and mud. We have assembled some outfit tips here.

Table of contents


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Ferment Workshop

Refine your food by means of this traditional probiotic form of preservation, which our ancestors were already using by 7000 BCE. Together, we will create various wild ferments. The simple procedures are made all the more comprehensive by the theory.

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Brew Workshop

Making beverages by means of fermentation is known as brewing. We transcend rigid categories such as “beer” and “wine” to concoct our own creations – such as with herbs we collected earlier. By means of this procedure, our drinks become naturally carbonated. They qualify as non-alcoholic.

heat retention

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Bivvy Workshop

The ability to erect a weatherproof and thermally insulated shelter can be game-changing in a survival situation. Season and terrain present different possibilities – we work exclusively with materials that we find on site.

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Fire Workshop

For the past one million years[1], fire has held a fascination for us and our ancestors. After an introduction, we will go about collecting and processing tinder, kindling, and firewood. Without modern aids such as match or lighter, we can make this fire burn.


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Rock Climbing Workshop

Individual training, assisting and belaying your group at beautiful natural rocks near Vienna – for beginner or advanced climbers. If rental equipment is required, we can make affordable arrangements.

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Navigation Workshop

We learn the use of a military handbearing compass and a highly-detailed federal map. Our task is to navigate in the wilderness without additional resources.

Cost for your
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up to 8 individuals

(larger groups on request)

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