Adventure Camp

discover the wonders of nature

Every morning, we meet at a convenient U-Bahn station with short-term parking. From there, our 9-seater minibus brings us to various wilderness locations near Vienna. Walking over uneven ground and climbing over fallen trees, we reach secret nature reserves. There, we discover animals and plants, develop physical coordination, learn the safety regulations of sawing and whittling, make a fire where permitted, and experience a playful, manifold program featuring selected climbing and wildschooling content.

Ideal for kids between 8 and just under 12.
Depending on the group composition, the program can be adapted for younger or older children on inquiry – just ask!


Package includes:

  • daily transfer (round trip)
  • a different wilderness location every day
  • freshly-prepared organic lunch every day
  • valuable climbing and wildschooling content
  • max. 8 kids + professionally qualified guide

Possible activities:

  • traversing rough terrain
  • climbing trees and natural rocks
  • crawling through a cave (Easter and fall holidays, if suitable for all participants)
  • navigating with compass and/or map
  • dipping our toes in shallow water if weather is suitable
  • practicing safe use of various tools
  • finding and processing tinder, kindling, and fuelwood
  • igniting and tending fire
  • building a shelter with natural materials
  • stalking and scouting like the Natives
  • recognizing and using local plants

fall / autumn holidays

Wed. 26 – Fri. 28 Oct. 2022 OPENINGS
3 days / 9:30 am – 4:30 pm / € 216

Need additional childcare? Ask about one-day camps.

Unsere Buben sind ganz selig und mega gut gelaunt 😁💪 Maurizio hab ich lange nicht so ausgeglichen und gesund aussehend und bei Appetit erlebt. So geht eben artgerechte "Menschenhaltung" 😉 DANKE
Christiane (Mutter)

Adventure Camp, April 2022