living the wild

The Young Explorers bushcraft groups practice advanced firemaking, finding and processing water and food, bivouacking, and more. Unlike “surviving”, which presupposes an involuntary experience, we concentrate on “living” the wilderness – which absolutely includes classic survival skills.

This is an opportunity for kids who love the wilderness to experience adventure and grow together as a group while being individually coached.


Package includes:

  • handpicked small groups
  • 4 full-day trips per school term
  • comfortable transfer to and from destination
  • simple lunch included
  • valuable technical skills and knowledge
  • time for fun and games
  • individual stimulation and supervision
  • local weather report and clothing recommendation before every meeting


  • basic survival principles
  • erecting a shelter or bivouac
  • advanced firemaking with traditional methods
  • identifying and processing useful plants
  • developing improvisation skills
  • reading animal tracks
  • camouflage and animal stalking
  • crafting with renewable resources
  • navigating on mainland; orientation in every kind of terrain

Cost per student
€ 360 / semester

4 full days
incl. transfer and lunch

single and additional dates at € 90

Danke für die Fotos! Es ist schön Zeno so ausgelassen und lachend zu sehen.
Ulli (Mutter)

Bushcraft groups, May 2022


for ages around 10

“Bushwhackers”  WAITING LIST ONLY
for ages around 12