to be wild

Spend an unforgettable day in the wild with your friends – with an action-filled parkour, a tricky scavenger hunt, or utilizing natural materials. Programs can be individually adapted.

During the course, participants can enjoy muffins or cupcakes adorned with sparklers. For afterwards (eating birthday cake, unwrapping presents…), we can arrange a convenient location where parents can join.

Full day

Get in touch with us to discuss and plan the perfect wilderness adventure for your celebration. Our programs can be indidivually adapted to your wishes.

Half day

A wilderness parkour in Vienna has us climbing, swinging, balancing, crawling through narrow passages, and walking across steep embankments. Meanwhile, we also discover interesting animal and plant info. Afterwards, we spruce up a secret hideaway where the kids can eat their snacks.


€ 400 full day
incl. transfer from Vienna
and organic lunch

€ 260 half day
in Vienna

10% discount
for semester members

up to 8 kids
larger groups by arrangement

Ronnie Niedermeyer
Certified Outdoor Guide,
climbing instructor, GreenSkills graduate