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Give memories, not things! Our wilderness vouchers are popular presents for one’s own child or that of a friend. Every voucher can be immediately issued as a PDF, or produced as a high-quality print. The price is not displayed on the voucher – except for those with a set monetary value.

Program-bound vouchers are valid until the end of the following year – if necessary, an extension can be requested. The countervalue cannot be paid out.

1 one-day camp: € 72

This voucher entitles a child to participate in a one-day camp.

1 afternoon taster: € 36

This voucher entitles a child to a taster at a suitable afternoon group after school.

Monetary value: € 25 / 50 / 100

Monetary value vouchers are valid for all suitable Young Explorers programs, can be combined with each other, and do not have an expiration date.