climbing adventures
in the wilderness

Climbing supports children in developing mindfulness, courage, and responsibility. It enables them to move in ways that their growing bodies need. Above all, it’s fun! Our wilderness climbing groups are outdoor in every season and all weather. If at any time the weather is completely unsuited to rock climbing, the forest offers us many other possibilities for adventure.

Package includes:

  • handpicked group of 6 students
  • 4 full-day trips per school term
  • comfortable transfer to and from destination
  • valuable content
  • playful and humorous, age-appropriate fostering of knowledge
  • individual stimulation and supervision thanks to small group size
  • local weather report and clothing recommendation before every meeting
  • semester members receive an accessory carabiner and our recommended work gloves free of charge


  • bouldering
  • top rope and lead climbing
  • via ferrata
  • rappelling (abseiling)
  • belaying methods
  • exercises for progressing across difficult terrain
  • caving / spelunking*
  • traversing mountains and canyons*

*) May be limited to multi-term members.

Climbing gear

Permanent members of a climbing group require their own climbing outfit according to our specifications. A complete rental set can be ordered in advance for € 20 to be used on the very first event.

Students with an older climbing outfit or parts of it can bring this along to the first meeting. We will ensure the EU certificates are up to date, and inspect any damage. If everything is in order, the equipment may be used.

Cost per student
€ 360 / semester

4 full days
incl. transfer

Send us an inquiry to coordinate a taster immediately so that your child can join a group in the upcoming 2022 spring term.

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Climbing groups, January 2022

Novice groups

for students aged around 6-7

for students aged around 7-8

for students aged around 7-8

for students aged around 8-9

for students aged around 8-9

Intermediate groups

for students aged around 9-10

for students aged around 9-10

Advanced groups

for students aged around 10-11

for students aged around 11-13