our wilderness programs

On day camps, school outings, and birthday parties, we select from the following programs according to season, weather, and participating students.

At most locations, we can warm our lunch over a wood fire, as well as take a dip in the water.

Usually we reach all locations in our 9-seater bus after a short drive from our meeting point in Vienna. Exceptions are discussed in advance.

the classics

These programs are always good to go: In every season, in every weather, for every age group. They can be individually adapted to the children’s interests and level of experience.


The forest offers many possibilities to build, climb trees, process natural materials, and become acquainted with wildlife.


Using a compass and map, we navigate through the undergrowth towards a river. There, we can roll down an embankment and look for freshwater mussels.


We step into a shallow creek bed and follow the course of this completely untouched stream. Depending on the season, we may encounter dragonflies, frogs, and crayfish.

the specials

These programs can take place by special arrangement and may come with their own conditions.


We visit natural rocks to practice bouldering, rope climbing, or via ferrata – as well as improve our surefootedness in steep terrain with fun and games.


A mountain expedition lets us discover nature, learn alpine skills, and optionally climb rocks.


In the course of a treasure hunt with wilderness parkour, we overcome hurdles and solve riddles to find a buried treasure chest.


Book a birthday party or a school outing and let us know how many students are participating as well as their ages. We look forward to discussing suitable programs for your event.

Kids can be individually signed up for one-day camps with a set program.