our wilderness programs

On day camps, school outings, and birthday parties, we select from the following programs according to season, weather, and participating students.


Easy: Bezirk Bruck/Leitha
Advanced: Bezirk Mödling

The forest offers many possibilities to build, climb trees, process useful plants, and become acquainted with wildlife.


Easy: Bezirk Mödling
Advanced: Bezirk Krems-Land

A mountain expedition lets us discover nature, distinguish between edible and poisonous berries, and optionally climb rocks.


Easy: Bezirk Bruck/Leitha
Advanced: Bezirk Mödling

Using a compass and map, we navigate through the undergrowth and in the creek – accompanied by dragonflies and crayfish.


Easy: Bezirk Bruck/Leitha
Advanced: Bezirk Korneuburg

We build and cross a rope bridge to reach an island, where we set up for the day.


Easy: Bezirk Korneuburg
Advanced: Bezirk Gänserndorf

We reach the most remote wilderness places on bicycle, where we enjoy varied seasonal programs.


Easy: Bezirk Mödling
Advanced: Bezirk Krems-Land

We safely engage in bouldering and toprope climbing on natural rocks while also improving our surefootedness in steep terrain.


avalanche-safe areas
2 hrs. max. from Vienna

We explore the wild Alpine landscape off the beaten paths, follow animal tracks, slide across the snow on our snowshoes, and playfully learn survival techniques.


Easy: Bezirk Neunkirchen
Advanced: Bezirk St. Pölten-Land

We visit a cave, squeezing through tight passages and descending into the depths. We might see bats up close if we get lucky.


or Bezirk Bruck/Leitha

In the course of a treasure hunt with wilderness parkour, we overcome hurdles and solve riddles to find a buried treasure chest.